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What Business Donors Are Saying

I would encourage any business or taxpayer in Nevada to take advantage of the School Choice Scholarship Program. As a strong proponent of education, Bank of Nevada has seen the value in this program, and we know that through donations, deserving students will be able to access a private school education that otherwise may be unattainable.
I wholeheartedly support the ability of parents to choose the education that they believe is best for their children and the opportunity for the business community to support that effort. By choosing to donate all or a portion of what is owed through the modified business tax, Nevada is making private schools more attainable for families whose income falls within 300 percent of the federally designated poverty level.

John GuedryDivision CEO - Bank of Nevada

At Dignity Memorial we are committed to giving back to our communities,” said Celena DiLullo, President at Palm Mortuary. “Supporting education is perhaps the greatest investment we can make in the community. Our partnership with Silver State Scholarships provides scholarships to disadvantaged children in Southern Nevada, paving the way for success and opportunity for all.”

Celena DiLulloPresident at Palm Mortuary